Arman Tadevosyan
Arman TadevosyanPainter from Armenia

Arman Tadevosyan was born in Leninakan (Gyumri), Armenia in 1983 and lives and works in Nancy, France since 2010. In 1988, when he was 5 years old, an earthquake hit Leninakan. The destruction and despair that he saw after the earthquake has been engraved in his memory. In 2008, he completed his studies at Gyumri Academy of Art in the department of visual art. Currently, he is working in a spectrum of visual arts, which includes paintings, video, photography. Arman Tadevosyan is co-founder of 5th Floor Cultural Group, which was established in 2006. This group was formed because young artists in Gyumri needed a platform that provided an outlet to express themselves outside of the restrictions that academics placed on them www.5thfloorculturalgroup.blogspot.fr
Alternative ways of interpreting the geopolitical transformation in the Caucasus region has been an important creative challenge for Arman Tadevosyan. In 2010, he started to work for Nancy Film Festival ( Aye Aye) to create a screening of Eastern European films and directors. Since then, many projects has been curated and released by Arman Tadevosyan, serving as a bridge between artists in the South Caucasus region and France. In 2011, he initiated « Frozen » project, artist residency in Kars-Gyumri-Diyarbakir. Between 2012 and 2014 he did a coordination of « Transkaukazja » project in France. His work has been shown in many exhibitions around the world, including, but not limited to, France, Germany, Armenia and Turkey.

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Toutes à l'école (Everyone to School) - French Charity for Children

Throughout the world less than one third of the children enrolled in schools are girls. Because of this observation, the journalist Tina Kieffer decided to found a charity called “Toutes à l’école” in 2005. The mission is to provide high-level education to under-privileged girls and to allow them to get jobs in the future where they can enjoy freedom and dignity.


... but what is this universe of fleshless silhouettes sitting, standing, dancing, or static …
It would appear to some people that these silhouettes evoke a somewhat clinical universe representing “X-rays” - redoubled again here, by the light-box which is also part of the medical arsenal!
So, what is it for the artist? is it an echo of hidden fears?  Is the body not the ideal territory for anguish? ….. the source of an intense feeling of precariousness?

Others, more metaphysical; speak of another world beyond reality, the universe of the dead …or that of the angels…
But the artist leaves us to our own interpretations!  Burdening us with some titles which are none the less precious guides for the spectator, in fact he reveals to us a universe where the vector is the imprint.

The imprint is like the negative of a photo that remains for a long time invisible, forgotten in a drawer.  The imprint is the reality reversed and at the same time, the limit of transience… man’s actions, confrontations or alliances…  The imprint is the mark of an ephemeral present that as soon as lived, swings back into the past:  it is perhaps the evocation of a Memory...

Emmanuelle Costet

10 works of art by Arman Tadevosyan