Elio Bajramaj
Elio BajramajPainter from Albania

Elio Bajramaj was born in Durres 1979,Albania.
He has studied art of painting.
From 1993-1998 he studied “Jan Kukuzeli” high school.
From 1999-2004 he studied “Academia delle Belle Arti di via Ripetta, Rome,Italy With professors Palumbo Scelza and Andrea Volo
Personal Exhibitions: Italy, Austria, Albania
Collective Exhibitions: Albania, USA, Italy
Languages: Albanian (mother tongue), Italian fluent
Several Prizes and Certificates of Award


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French Esophageal Atresia Association (AFAO)

AFAO is a French Association who primary function is to help and advise people born with Esophageal Atresia (EA) as well as their friends & family.
Sharing personal experiences, offering therapeutic information and education, providing collective colloboration with healthcare professionals, supporting the work of EA researchers remain the primary action fronts of the AFAO


The inspired by books, stories, music, nostalgia, everything that surrounds us and everything environment intrigued us, do what I like, what I see, and what I feel .....

7 works of art by Elio Bajramaj

  • In exhibition oil on canvas
    800 €In exhibition oil on canvasBy Elio Bajramaj
    Oil painting80 x 80 cm
  • Lady in Red
    8 000 €Lady in RedBy Elio Bajramaj
    Oil painting102 x 90 cm
  • Love serenade
    700 €Love serenadeBy Elio Bajramaj
    Oil painting100 x 70 cm
  • In concert
    2 700 €In concertBy Elio Bajramaj
    Oil painting145 x 112 cm
  • Red tulips
    550 €Red tulipsBy Elio Bajramaj
    Acrylic painting64 x 64 cm
  • Don't see...Don't hear... Don't speak
    1 400 €Don't see...Don't hear... Don't speakBy Elio Bajramaj
    Acrylic painting102 x 80 cm
  • The girls with hope
    5 300 €The girls with hopeBy Elio Bajramaj
    Acrylic painting120 x 90 cm